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White Diamond, or White for short, is a Homeworld Gem and the leader of the Great Diamond Authority that formerly ruled over the Gem race. She held supreme authority over all Gems, including her fellow Diamonds, and was seen as a being beyond the rest of her kind. For eons, White Diamond remained on the Gem Homeworld, secluded inside her ship, until she finally left.

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Time passed differently in the spirit realm, and while you knew Kaz was somewhere deep within the recesses of the abyss, still fighting against the onryo’s corruptive presence, he and the rest had wanted you to get as much rest and preparation as possible for what was the final stretch. One way or another though, you all wanted, believed, hoped, even knew it would end tonight.

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Navier Ellie Trovi was an empress perfect in every way -- intelligent, courageous, and socially adept. She was kind to her subjects and devoted to her husband. Navier was perfectly content to live the rest of her days as the wise empress of the Eastern Empire. That is, until her husband brought home a mistress and demanded a divorce. “I accept this divorce And I.

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Tiana is the protagonist of Disney's 2009 animated feature film, The Princess and the Frog. She is a gifted cook living in New Orleans during the Jazz Age, with dreams of opening a restaurant of her own. In a desperate attempt to achieve her goal, Tiana shares a kiss with a prince that had been magically transformed into a frog by an evil voodoo witch doctor. In doing so, however,.

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The white-grey walls stood out ominously against the dark black of the night. Tree's circled the house as if hiding it from view, a dirty path led into the house then away into the tree's. I couldn't help it, I started to shake. The man smiled sympathetic. He climbed out of the car then circled round to my side.

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